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Shri Guru Revanasiddeshwara Swamy

This Temple is a Hindu pilgrimage centre situated in Karnataka State in India. Sri Revanna Siddeshwara believed to be the re-incarnation of Jagadguru Sri Renukacharya the founder of "Veerashaiva Siddantha" (Shaiva Dharma) with a slogan "sarve janaha sukhino bhavanthu". Sri Jagadguru Revana Siddeshwara traveled across the country and left many miracles in helping distressed, poor, and backward people and established socialism and secularism long ago.


Devotees visit the temple on all days, with  Full moon and New moon days being considered as more auspicious for worship and prayers. The main seva at the temple is Rudrabhisheka which is very sacred for Lord Shiva.

The temple holds important festivals during Dasara. Other important events held are, Renuka Jayanthi,Basava Jayanthi and 5 days Jathra Mahotsava celebrated after 2 weeks of Ugadi every year. Special Dasoha during Jathra Mahotsava and Festivals Day.

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